1. Background

    1. Company History
      A.COM.EX.Srl has been established in 1982 by a group of businessmen for the scope of serving commercial enquiries generated by their main activities. A small office was therefore activated in the centre of Rome. In the following years the magnitudes of work gradually increased and a new setup has been settled up and few employees have been taken in charge. Since 2000 the type of business has changed. From single enquiry and single shipment we went in the business of complex project with multi shipments. This type of business had required teamwork and therefore the whole internal work procedure had been redesigned. Later on, the demands of services have progressively increased and, with a series of steps we arrived to the today set up. We are working in a new area, close to the Roma ring road, with a modern office of 200 sqm, a warehouse of 600sqm and an open deposit area of 2000sqm. Actually our manpower force is of 11 units.
    2. What we do
      We are a general wholesales company, also we organize the logistic process connected to the procurement of goods and final delivery to our clients. But this is only the final step of a long process which starts from an indoor study of the project requirements. We activate, if necessary, external sector specialists and consultants in order to a customized offer which take into consideration client need. We finally optimize delivery of goods.
  2. Strategy & Vision

    1. Vision statement
      Create harmonic cooperation between far parties.
    2. Mission statement
      A.COM.EX. Srl is a general trading company involved to fill-up the distances between production and use. Our suppliers are essentially goods manufacturers and our clients users of same goods. Not always the connection between them is easy. Our function is to simplify most possible such gap. We consider ourselves as partners of both suppliers and clients. Any client’s project became automatically our project and we take care of it using the same care we reserve to most beloveds things. We enter inside any single detail with the aim of improving the realization.
    3. Values
      Our value is not accumulating money. We consider money only a vector to reach our values. Our values are: cooperation and synergy, in mutual respect of each individual.